Working with Elon Musk 2024: Tips and News for Collaborators

Collaborating with Elon Musk, the ground-breaking businessperson behind corporations like Tesla and SpaceX, may appear to be an aspiration for numerous experts. Nonetheless, securing a job within one of Musk’s swiftly expanding companies necessitates the appropriate skill set and a steadfast and dedicated work ethic. The “Technoking” of Tesla currently has approximately 110,000 employees across his diverse undertakings, and working with him depends on your capability to exhibit distinct characteristics that are in line with his exceptional and forward-thinking approach to business.

To better understand what it takes to work with Elon Musk, delving into the core values and personality traits he looks for in potential team members is essential. These characteristics include an unparalleled drive and ambition, a commitment to pushing boundaries, and a dedication to creating natural, lasting solutions to complex problems. In addition, staying up to date with Musk’s latest news, meetings, and updates can give you valuable insights into his dynamic and fast-paced work environment.

Developing the right work ethic to meet Musk’s expectations isn’t an overnight process. Still, with determination and perseverance, you can adopt the habits and mindset needed to thrive under his leadership. By embracing your potential for insane success, you’ll be better prepared to work alongside one of the most influential entrepreneurs of our time, bringing your skills and expertise to help shape tomorrow’s world-changing solutions.

Working with Elon Musk: How to

Networking Opportunities

Expanding your professional network is critical for gaining access to influential individuals like Elon Musk. Consider attending events, conferences, and workshops where he and his team will likely participate. Engage in discussions on social media platforms where he is active, such as Twitter, and try contributing to conversations and sharing your expertise.

Joining His Companies

Elon Musk leads companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company. To work directly with him, consider applying for open positions within these organizations. Remember that working for Musk requires certain traits and qualities, such as a strong work ethic, problem-solving skills, and adaptability—to develop and showcase these traits during the interview process.

Freelance Collaboration

If you are a freelancer or work on a project basis, keep an eye out for calls for collaboration from Elon Musk’s companies. In the past, he has reached out to the public for ideas and assistance, such as competitions for Hyperloop pod designs. Stay informed about such initiatives, and be prepared to showcase your expertise and potential contributions.

Remember, working with Elon Musk can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding. By exploring the different avenues of collaboration and continuously improving your skills and expertise, you’ll be better positioned to join forces with one of the most influential entrepreneurs of our time.

Work Ethic Required

Working with Elon Musk

Strong Problem-Solving Skills

Elon Musk is known for emphasizing rational thinking and reasoning from first principles. To work alongside Musk, having solid problem-solving skills is essential. You should be:

  • Capable of breaking down complex issues into the fundamental elements
  • Constantly questioning the status quo and assumptions
  • Able to think critically and make informed decisions

Whether designing novel rockets or crafting new energy solutions, problem-solving is crucial to Musk’s businesses.

Resilience and Adaptability

Another critical aspect of the work ethic required to work with Musk is resilience and adaptability. The constantly-evolving nature of his ventures demands team members who can:

  • Keep pace with fast-moving industries and technologies
  • Display tenacity in the face of challenges
  • Embrace change and pivot when required

In Musk’s companies, change is the only constant, and adaptability is necessary.

Passion for Innovation

Lastly, having a deep passion for innovation is essential when collaborating with Mr. Musk. A burning desire to push boundaries and create revolutionary solutions is vital. Team members should:

  • Be deeply curious about new technologies and their applications
  • Be willing to take calculated risks and embrace failures
  • Possess an unrelenting drive to learn and grow.

Latest News and Updates

Working with Elon Musk requires perseverance, dedication, and a strong work ethic.

Recent Projects

Elon Musk is consistently pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Recently, he declared an end to remote working at Tesla. Employees who are unwilling to abide by the new rules are encouraged to “pretend to work somewhere else,” as Musk stated on Twitter. Additionally, upon acquiring a significant stake in Twitter, Musk informed their staff they must commit to working “long hours at high intensity” or leave the company.

Some recent notable projects include:

  • Expanding Tesla’s production and market reach
  • Developing Starship, SpaceX’s next-generation spacecraft for Mars missions3
  • Collaborating with city officials in various locations to deploy the Boring Company’s underground transportation systems

Upcoming Events

Working with Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s companies continuously work towards ambitious goals, and 2023 is no exception. Some key events to look out for:

  • Tesla’s ongoing efforts to increase production capacity and improve battery technology to solidify its position in the electric vehicle market
  • SpaceX’s continued progress toward the first crewed missions of the Starship spacecraft
  • Participating in technology and innovation conferences and events, where Musk often shares insights into his companies’ latest achievements and plans

Meetings with Elon Musk

Working with Elon Musk is a remarkable experience, but it also requires following his work ethic and meeting his preferences. In this section, we will explore how meetings are conducted with Elon and learn some practical tips for scheduling and preparing for these meetings.

Scheduling Tips

Elon Musk has some specific meeting rules that can help improve productivity. Firstly, he dislikes large meetings. Instead, he suggests focusing on smaller groups to encourage efficient communication. Also, he advises avoiding frequent meetings, as they can waste time and hinder progress.

Key takeaway: Schedule meetings only when necessary and limit the number of attendees to smaller, more focused groups.

Preparing for the Meeting

To make meetings efficient, Elon Musk advocates for the following principles:

  • Stay on topic: He suggests keeping discussions focused on the primary subject of the meeting. Side conversations or unrelated matters should be addressed separately.
  • Be prepared: Know your subject matter and have any necessary materials or data ready for discussion. Elon expects team members to provide substantial input to problem-solving, so your preparation will be essential.
  • Speak up when needed: Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion or ask questions. Musk encourages open communication and values input from every team member, regardless of rank.
  • Be willing to leave: Elon’s meeting rules emphasize that if you feel you are not providing value to the meeting or benefiting you, it is acceptable to leave and focus on more productive tasks.


Is Elon Musk nice to employees?

Opinions on Elon Musk’s treatment of employees are mixed. Some former Tesla employees have criticized him for his management style, while others have praised his leadership and work ethic. Musk has also faced criticism for his stance on unionization.

What is working with Elon like?

Working with Elon Musk is said to be intense and demanding. He is known for his high expectations and long work hours and has been described as a demanding boss. However, some employees have also praised his leadership and vision. 

Is Elon a workaholic?

Some have described Elon Musk as a workaholic, reporting him working up to 100 hours weekly.

How does Tesla treat employees?

Tesla has been praised for its employee benefits, which include comprehensive medical coverage, 401(k) plans, and generous paid time off. However, the company has also faced criticism for treating factory workers, with some employees alleging poor working conditions and long hours. 

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